What Industries Utilise Steam Water Boilers?

Industrial grade steam water boilers are commonplace across the entire Australian workforce, and essential in many key industries. Boilers apply energy from sources such as coal, gas, or renewables to heat water (or other applicable liquids) into steam. Industrial grade boilers serve similar functions to a regular residential hot water system or boiler; except with much higher pressure, greater heating and energy efficiency capabilities. They are used for heating/ cooling applications, power generation, high-pressure cleaning or cooking. Today we are going to look at several industries that require steam water boilers for everyday task completion. Utilise Steam Water Boilers?

Many industries require water boilers operating around the clock to maintain regular function. At Tomlinson Energy, not only do we provide regular industrial boiler installation and servicing within Australia, but we also offer 24-hour emergency boiler repair services, allowing your workplace to function normally, at any time of night or day.

Hospitals & Medical Industries

The medical industry utilises industrial grade steam boilers in a variety of sizes and settings. The high-pressure steam is used for cleaning and sterilizing throughout hospital facilities to maintain a medically sanitary environment. Running and heating a large facility such as a hospital also requires industrial boilers, allowing hospitals to regulate temperature and humidity within such a large facility. Hospitals require specific temperature and humidity levels for not only patient comfort but to keep the facility sanitary; preventing mould build-up.

Breweries, Distilleries

Breweries utilise steam water boilers for several key features throughout the alcohol distillation and brewing process. An industrial steam boiler allows for precise temperature maintenance and control for alcoholic solutions throughout the process, ensuring that the final product has the correct consistency, texture, and flavour profile. Steam is also utilised for sterilization and pasteurisation heating when the beer is transitioned into bottles or keg storage.  

Food & Beverage Processing

Food preparation and processing industries require a large amount of hot water throughout the manufacturing process. The most energy-efficient method of heating is with an industrial steam boiler. Steam and heat are used to reduce bacterial risk and sterilise food, so it is suitable for human consumption, reducing the spread of pathogens and disease. A faulty steam water boiler could result in a continual health risk for consumers, hence the rigorous standards that the food manufacturing industry must uphold.

Shared Residency Facilities

Housing complexes and residency facilities utilise industrial steam boilers for heating buildings; hot water for residents to use in their bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and shared spaces. Rather than having each resident have individual hot water and boiler systems, it can be more energy-efficient and cost-effective for landlords and builders to install compact industrial grade boilers to provide heating solutions for several floors of residents. Hot-water requirements would differ based on times of day when people are cooking, cleaning, showering, so a modular boiler that can regulate the heat at different times of day is required in this scenario. (Or the landlord will receive complaints about inconsistent water temperature.)


Commercial laundry facilities consume large amounts of hot water and steam to fulfil the business’s basic daily cleaning tasks, running the laundry machines, steaming, and pressing clothes. Given a large amount of heat used in these facilities it is more economic and energy efficient to utilise an industrial grade boiler.

Textile / Paper Mills

Industrial boilers allow manufacturers to produce precise temperature and pressure at any point in time. This is essential during the manufacturing of textiles, as the dyeing and pre-treatment process requires hot water at a large scale.

It’s important to provide regular maintenance to your water boilers to ensure they function as intended without an unexpected lapse. Does your company need an industrial steam water boiler installed, serviced, or repaired? Get in contact with us at Tomlinson Energy to ensure smooth steam water boiler service and installation. We offer 24/7 boiler maintenance and repair because we understand the importance of steam water boilers in key industries across Australia. As a leading vendor of steam boilers, you can be confident that we have the perfect boiler solution for your building’s unique requirements.

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