Lo-Flo Inert Gas Generator

Lo-Flo Inert Gas Generator

The Tomlinson Lo-Flo Inert Gas Generator has been developed primarily for use in the coal mining industry. The main application of the machine is to minimise the possibility of methane gas explosions in underground coal mines prior to sealing them off from the mine ventilation system by rendering the methane gas inert.

Typical inert gas specifications produced by a Tomlinson Lo-Flo Inert Gas Generator are:

  • Gas volume – 1,800 m3 per hour
  • Delivery pressure – 100 kPa
  • Oxygen content (O2) – less than 2%
  • Nitrogen content (N2) – 75%
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – 12.5%
  • Gas temperature – ambient + 20C

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