Four signs that you may require boiler repair

Boilers are essential for the function of many industries, from food production to sterilisation and even paper production. You can expect to get on average 20-30 years of lifespan from a steam-powered boiler with good care and maintenance. But even the most reliable boilers can experience problems and breakdowns over time, causing inconvenience, financial burden, loss of revenue, safety hazards, and shutdown of operations. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the signs that you may require boiler repair, so you can act promptly and avoid costly issues down the road.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most common boiler problems and their symptoms. Australian Standards AS2593 has a requirement for all steam boilers regardless of size to have regular service and safety checks. This involves a combination of in-house reviews from facility workers and external reviews from boiler specialists. If any problems are highlighted upon inspection, they should immediately be reported to a service technician to prevent any further issues.

Signs you need boiler repair

#1 – Strange Noises

Is your workplace boiler making strange or loud noises? While some sounds, like humming or clicking, are normal during operation, persistent strange noises such as water hammering, may indicate a problem. Banging, clanking, whistling, or gurgling sounds can signal issues like air in the system, rapid pressure changes, steam disruption, low water pressure, or incorrectly installed valves. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to further damage and increase the risk of breakdowns. A trained technician can identify the cause of the noises and recommend the necessary boiler repair or maintenance to keep your boiler running smoothly and safely. Ignoring strange noises can result in costly repairs or even safety hazards.

#2 – Leaks and Drips

Leaks and drips around your boiler can indicate underlying issues that require prompt attention. Common causes of water leaks include a broken or damaged pump, corrosion, or a malfunctioning valve. Ignoring these leaks can lead to low pressure or even system failure. Drips may not always be immediately visible and may occur within air vent shafts. Gas leaks pose a more serious safety hazard and should be addressed immediately by a licensed professional. Workplaces should be upholding the highest safety standards, with gas detection systems to keep workers safe in case of any leaks. To ensure the safety and proper operation of your boiler, it’s essential to have a licensed boiler repair professional inspect and fix any leaks or drips as soon as possible.

#3 – Irregular Heating

If heat is being dispersed at irregular intervals or inconsistently across a space, it could be a sign that your boiler needs repair. Irregular heating can be caused by heat escaping the system due to inconsistent insulation, poor installation, or components working incorrectly. If these issues are not addressed promptly, they can lead to higher energy bills and increase the risk of chain reaction problems – in industrial settings, this may include inadequate sterilisation or incorrect product temperatures. It’s essential to act fast when you notice any irregular heating to avoid further problems.

#4 – Increased Energy Bills

If your business or workplace notices a sudden increase in your energy bills, it may be a sign that your boiler is not functioning efficiently. Inefficient boilers use more energy to provide the same level of heating, leading to higher energy costs. If left unchecked, it may lead to the point where the cost of repair is dwarfed by the increased cost of energy bills, especially given the large output of industrial-grade equipment. A combination of regular staff inspection and external maintenance audits can help prevent energy waste and ensure that your heating system operates efficiently with timely boiler repair.  

Boiler repair, maintenance, and installation:

It is essential to have any boilers installed and maintained by a qualified industry professional. At Tomlinson Energy, we offer 24/7 boiler and gas burner maintenance and repair services to ensure you are living and working in a comfortable and safe environment. Alongside our boiler repair services, our expert team also offers industrial steam boiler and burner installation services so you can ensure efficient operation, always.

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