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Since 1892 the name Tomlinson has been associated with the supply of world class boiler plants. We offer a complete range of water tube boilers known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency.

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  • Our own extensive in-house engineering department, operating in accordance with Australian Standards and industry conditions.
  • Generally for each new boiler contract, the design is tailored for the customers’ specific installation and operating conditions
  • Each project is assigned a dedicated, experienced, full-time, contract engineer who is wholly responsible for all aspects of our scope of supply, customer liaison and the administration of the contract.
  • The unique design of the Tomlinson boiler incorporates the latest technology and material availability. By achieving a given output with a smaller frame size boiler realises a more efficient use of materials and heating surfaces.
  • The tube arrangement employs a mixture of plain and precision machine welded membrane tubes in the furnace and outer convection bank walls as well as extended surface ESCOA tube in the cooler section of the convection bank. This results in fewer tubes in total with greater available heat transfer surfaces.
  • The furnace construction is a full water wall arrangement. (i.e. front wall, rear wall, two sides, roof and floor are all steam generating surfaces) leaving the furnace almost entirely refractory free.
  • Our method of construction allows the external insulation and cladding to be very lightweight mineral wool and Aluminium cladding sheets that are easily removed and refitted should inspection of the pressure vessel ever be required.
  • The boiler steam drum contains our unique design of steam conditioning internals. This ensures stable water level management against even the arduous of operating conditions, with steam dryness guaranteed in excess of 99%.
  • The Tomlinson boiler is a 100% Australian design product produced entirely in Quality Assured workshop.
  • We elect to retain, usually at a premium, quality, industry proven ancillary items that have full manufacturers support within Australia.
  • All Tomlinson branches have achieved Quality Accreditation to ISO 9001 No other boiler company has achieved this level of quality recognition.
  • Tomlinson Boilers operates the largest boiler Service Company, with divisions in every state in Australia. This level of after sales back up ensures the timely response by experienced personnel whether the requirement is for planned or unplanned service.

Quality and Performance

Tomlinson Energy Service NSW, VIC and SA have a dedicated management system with a focus on Quality, Safety and Environmental aspects of all our operations.

Accredited to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

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