RB – Great Britain Boiler Series
The RB-B Series Boiler (0.7MW to 3.5MW)

The RB-B series boiler is designed by the engineers in Fulton Great Britain. The RB-B series boiler bears comparison with all other similar boilers, wherever in the world. The overall design criteria of high operating efficiency and a boiler that will last for many years means the RB-B has many unique features and performance characteristics. The specification is superior to and exceeds the minimum construction standards of BS 2790 or ASME.

RB-B series boiler is a wet-back horizontal boiler. With large furnace volume, large furnace surface area, the furnace exit temperature is reduced via enhanced radiation and convection, the front gas chamber condition is much better than the regular reverse fire boilers.

The RB-B series boiler is a compact size boiler which can fit in the container.

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  • Models: RB-B600 TO RB-B3000
  • Output: 0.7MW to 3.5MW
  • Sandard MWP: 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa,
  • Fuel Option: Light oil, Heavy oil, Natural gas, Town gas and Dual-fuel

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