ENDURA – Hydronic Boiler
Endura (EDR) Condensing Hydronic Boiler (219kW to 700kW)

The Endura Condensing Hydronic Boiler product line was developed as a result of Fulton’s 25 years of experience in the commercial condensing boiler market. The pressure vessel features Fulton’s traditional “rugged-robust-reliable” welded construction using optimum materials. The vertical fire tube platform has the ideal mass and volume for a variety of system configurations, while maintaining a compact footprint.

Ultra-high efficiencies up to 105.58%

Precision dual-servo combustion control

High turndown burner

Open loop 02 compensation

Quiet operation 68.1db

Low NOx emissions 17.7mg/m³

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  • Models: EDR-750 to EDR-2400 (ASME/EN,UL/CE)
  • Output: 750K-2.4M BTU/HR (219kW to 700kW)
  • Standard MWP: 0.09 MPa / 1.1MPa

Quality and Performance

Tomlinson Energy Service NSW, VIC and SA have a dedicated management system with a focus on Quality, Safety and Environmental aspects of all our operations.

Accredited to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

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