How to Prepare for a New Hot Water Boiler Installation

Whether you’re replacing an older boiler that no longer functions efficiently or you’re interested in upgrading to a more innovative model, boiler installation can seem like a daunting process. Hot water boilers are integral to keeping building and workplace temperatures at a comfortable level, so a properly functioning and well-maintained boiler should be a priority for all businesses and commercial buildings. Thankfully, the experts at Tomlinson Energy Service are here to help! Read on to learn the basic process and preparation tips for a seamless installation process.  

Choosing the correct boiler type

There are many types of boilers to choose between, so the boiler with the best performance will depend on your building’s needs. A boiler installer will typically ask about the building’s layout, utility connections, space availabilities, boiler room location, ventilation options and your hot water requirements, but you should also consider energy efficiency for a more cost-effective boiler. To find out the boiler solution best suited for your building, and whether to choose a conventional boiler or Condensing Boiler, consider reaching out to a specialist supplier and installation team.

Installing a new hot water boiler

The first step of a new boiler install is for a technician to visit the site, assess the boiler room’s space and building’s needs and plan the approach to this unique installation. This includes ensuring appropriate ventilation and clearances for the new boiler for safe operation and maintenance.

On the day, the technician will arrive and begin by removing the older system. Due to safety risks associated with liquid spills, electricity and high-temperature water, this includes taking the time to reduce the tank pressure and empty the water within the older hot water system before disassembling and removing it. Depending on the boiler, this may include additional plumbing or electrical work to better fit the needs of the new machinery. The new boiler will then be installed and tested for safety and quality.

Tips for a seamless boiler installation

To avoid any unnecessary tripping hazards, clear the hallway and entrance to the boiler room before the technician arrives. This includes removing items from walkways that could be damaged and ensuring non-slip mats are in place.

Boiler installation can also range from a few hours to a couple of days. This depends on more time-consuming and complex factors like moving the boiler location or removing an older, bulky system. During the installation, there may be disruptions to basic utilities like water and electricity, so it is recommended that sensitive electronics be shut down before work begins. For that reason, it might also be preferable to wait for appropriate weather to replace your boiler system to avoid any disruptions to your building’s heating.

The boiler installation process can also differ depending on the unique needs and issues of your building. This could include challenging or inconvenient access to the boiler room or the need for additional plumbing or electrical work. Your bespoke boiler solution might also require adjusting the existing plumbing to better fit the new installation. Thankfully, experienced technicians will be able to create a streamlined installation plan that’s efficient and minimises disruption.

Lastly, to ensure the longevity of your new hot water boiler, schedule routine maintenance and safety checks with an experienced technician. Regular maintenance will ensure that your boiler runs smoothly and extends the machine’s lifetime.  

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The difference of Tomlinson Energy Service  

Our installation team carry out all types of industrial and commercial boiler installation, both large and small. Our boilers are built to specifications to accommodate your precise requirements and physical footprints. This complete solution includes any electrical, mechanical or plumbing work and insulation.

As experienced vendors, we stock a range of hot water boilers and related parts and products. With over 100 years of premium repairs and installation services and a focus on quality and safety, no hot water boiler installation is too difficult for our talented team. 

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