6 Key Considerations for the Ideal Boiler Room

As Australia’s leading boiler service specialists, we’ve had countless years of experience with installation, maintenance and professional advice. One of the crucial aspects to any boiler operation, an aspect that is often not given appropriate consideration, is the boiler room — the layout, the appliances and most importantly, the safety. Regardless of how good your boiler is and how much care you put into operating it, if your boiler room is not adequately equipped, then it could all be for naught. Our specialists have curated this list of six key considerations for the construction of a boiler room or the upgrade of an existing one to help you tackle the topic with confidence.

1.     Safety compliance

Before any work can be carried out in a boiler room, it must be first compliant with the relevant standards — such as: AS 3892 Pressure Equipment — InstallationAS 2593 Boilers — Safety Management and Supervision SystemsAS 5601 Gas Installations and AS 4041 Pressure Piping. Compliancy is vital to safe and proficient boiler operation. Give our experts a call to learn about all the appropriate standards, building codes and WorkSafe regulations that should be considered and complied with.

2.     Appropriate flooring

Appropriate flooring with a grip that can provide firm footing when wet and is also fire resistant is crucial for boiler safety and compliance. Accidents could be anything from explosions (which are rare but can happen if a boiler is not operated properly) to water bursting from gauges. Even minor incidents such as spilling liquids can lead to more serious incidents which is why the flooring must be sufficient, so it is ready for numerous situations. This also goes hand-in-hand with wearing proper PPE equipment such as boots with good grip.

3.     Proper ventilation

Ventilation is important and required when dealing with boilers, but gas boilers especially demand some further ventilation. AS 5601 will provide the relevant, detailed measurements when it comes to natural ventilation. In some cases, active ventilation such as force fans will also be required to pump air in from outdoor. Failing to provide proper ventilation can lead to light-headedness from the fumes (which can, in turn, influence operation proficiency) as well as the potential development of serious ailments from the prolonged exposure.

4.     Sufficient lighting

As with the aforementioned elements, lighting also has a direct impact on the safe operation of boilers. Inadequate lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches; boilers should be operated with a clear head and cognitive mind to mitigate mistakes. All gauges and controls must be legible from the proper operating position — if a technician has to use supplemental lighting to operate the machine, then more efficient lighting is required. This can particularly be an issue if you are sprucing up an older boiler room. Modern LED lights situated around the room and concentrated in key areas are a good place to start when illuminating your boiler room.

5.     Ample floor space

Operators moving throughout a boiler room should have clear paths and not have to worry about unnecessary obstructions, whether they’re attached features of the original building that have not been removed or loose items and tools that have not been stacked away properly. Be sure when designing a boiler room that an appropriate amount of clearance is considered around the boilers themselves for suitable operation — this will also make our repair and maintenance boiler service much simpler. In addition to various boiler services, our specialists can help you with the planning of your boiler room and are always on-hand if you’re unsure what the correct amount of clearance space should be.

6.     Suitable storage

There are many items, accessories and tools that will be needed at various times, so keeping them close at hand will help sustain an efficient operation. This is where suitable storage will come in. If possible, try to plan for in-built storage units to keep seamless and uninterrupted walls (as opposed to placing free-standing cabinets). Though free-standing cabinets will most likely have to be used in some areas, the fewer physical obstructions, the better. Try to consolidate all the tools in one area to avoid confusion, and place fire extinguishers and hoses in key points around the room so accidents can be promptly quelled.

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